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July 5, 2024
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Sololearn is one of the most popular learning apps in the US. It helps students and professionals to enhance their programming skills through its numerous web development courses. It has been in the Ed-Tech for years. You might wonder how Sololearn has achieved such immense popularity. It’s solely because of the high-end learning experience it provides to its learners. It has leveraged AI in its application to the fullest.

It embeds numerous AI functionalities, including progress statistics, practice sessions, and a highly interactive learning experience. While navigating the Sololearn application, you would feel that you should embed similar AI features and functionalities in your learning app. 

However, one thing would stop you from doing it: the high-end costs you must incur. However, in the fast-paced technological world, incorporating AI into your learning app will surely take it to new heights. 

Numerous rumors about AI learning app development pricing indicate that leveraging AI in your learning app could be costly. However, this is not the reality. The cost of leveraging AI in your learning app depends solely on the AI features you want to embed in your education application.

That’s why, to break down all such rumors around the tech world, we will tell you how much it costs to develop an AI-based learning app like Sololearn.

Why Should You Build an AI Learning App?

Why Should You Build an AI Learning App?

AI is undoubtedly ruling numerous sectors through its spellbinding features. Whether streamlining complex processes or automating time-consuming tasks, AI has solutions for everything. That’s why multiple organizations in various sectors have started leveraging AI for workflow management. 

However, a few industries are still unaware of the enormous magic AI can bring to them, and the education industry is one of them. Of course, you will find numerous education apps in the market. But how many of them are using AI? Very few. The only reason for this is the ignorance about the strength of AI. Educators always ask one common question: Why must we use AI in our learning apps? 

Moreover, learning apps are not only meant for students and educators. If leveraged well, they can be a suitable medium for organizations to make new employees aware of their norms and policies.

We have listed some great benefits of AI learning to answer this common question.

Personalized Learning Experience

One of the most significant benefits of using AI in educational apps is that it provides personalized learning experiences to learners. In traditional learning apps, a general course is designed for all students, irrespective of their preferences and abilities. 

AI moves one step ahead and helps you design courses tailored to individual students’ needs. Through its thorough data analysis, AI analyzes individual students’ behavior and performance and recommends courses that help them achieve their learning goals. This ensures that every student becomes the master of every skill in his personalized way.

Besides, AI chatbots can create an interactive environment where learners can instantly resolve their doubts.

Highly Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience

How would you feel learning from a book without interactive pictures or content? Of course, it would be boring. The same holds for learning apps. Creating an app with AI helps you deliver interactive and engaging knowledge through gamification and rewards systems. 

Such a fun learning method ensures that your students constantly upgrade their knowledge in a fun and motivated way. This will induce a power of learning more every day.

Tailored Progress and Feedback System

Another great benefit of an AI-based learning app is that it lets students know their learning progress. AI will embed a progress system in the app, where you can track the individual student’s learning progress, analyze his performance, and provide tailored feedback based on his performance.

Tailor-made feedback will provide a personalized experience and help students identify which areas they need to work hard in. Moreover, progress trackers will help educators track every student’s progress based on his performance.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop AI Apps for Education?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop AI Apps

Every AI app will have a different development cost for various industries. This is because other industries have different needs and goals. Online learning platforms will also need other features. Some of the most significant AI features include chatbot functionality, facial recognition for authentication, progress tracker, payment authentication, speech recognition, and much more.

All these features require the embedment of different AI algorithms for proper functioning, eventually adding to the overall cost of AI-based learning app development. Besides, the type of AI functionality also plays a critical role in estimating the costs of AI learning app development.

Usually, the cost to develop AI apps for education is approximately $35,000 to $70,000. This cost is the total of the different AI model development stages. While estimating the cost of an AI model, you should always consider all those factors. Here are some essential factors you should always consider while calculating the cost of AI learning app development.

Complexity of Learning App

Every AI-based learning app will have different requirements in terms of features and functionalities. These requirements determine the complexity of apps. You will not incur high development costs if your learning app requires simple AI functionalities like chatbots and machine learning algorithms. 

Alternatively, it will be costly to induce high-end and complex functionalities like facial recognition and a computer vision system. The more complicated the app design, the more complex its requirements. 

Moreover, inhabiting complex features would require more significant effort in planning and collecting data, eventually requiring a minimum investment of $5000 to $15000.

Amount of Data Required

Data plays a significant role in building an app with AI. Moreover, the cost of AI-based learning app development also depends on how much data it needs. You must collect a large volume of highly qualitative data to deliver a highly qualitative and personalized experience to your learners. The reason behind this is the quality of data determines how well your learning AI model is trained. The more accurately trained your AI model is, the more personalized and engaging experience it will deliver to your learners.

If your learning AI app is not trained perfectly, it will likely create errors in results, which will not be efficient for you and your app learners. To train the AI model perfectly, you would need a minimum investment of $10,000 to $85,000.

Expertise in AI App Development Team

Expertise in AI App Development Team

AI is a development process where you must invest in high-end skills and expertise. It is because designing and training the AI models is the work of precision. Moreover, you must thoroughly analyze all the possible ins and outs of the AI models and train them accordingly.

That’s why you should always invest in an AI development team that is highly experienced and skillful enough to develop AI learning models that could enhance the effectiveness of your learning app.

Moreover, it’s not just about embedding the high-end functionalities, but sometimes it’s about look and feel. Your app users will revisit your learning app if they get a personalized and engaging user experience from your AI models. Now, this is where you need to rely on the AI model designing team. The AI model designing team charges depend on their expertise and skills. On average, the AI designing team charges from $10,000 to $25,000. It would then vary depending on various factors like its expertise and creativity.

AI Model Testing

Though testing is underlooked during the cost estimation of AI learning apps, it is an essential factor to consider. Because the success of your AI model depends hugely on its proper testing, imagine you developed a virtual assistant for your learning app and made it live without testing. 

Now, the next day it is failing to understand some user commands. It will indeed degrade the quality of your customer service. So, to eliminate the chances of undergoing such situations, ideally, it is always better to test your AI model. After all, it is always said that prevention is better than cure.

Proper testing of your designed AI model will give you a clear idea about its issues and help you resolve them before its launch. However, people often skip this vital step, thinking it would add to the development cost. Of course, it would add some amount to the AI development cost, but consider the intricacies it saves you from.

The testing process of AI models costs an average of $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the expertise level of the tester.

AI Deployment Costs

People often mistakenly think of the development and testing process as the end of the cost estimation process. But your AI model is just designed. It needs to be integrated into your business environment or cloud based on your preferences and needs to make it functional. This stage will surely be complex based on the environment you want to integrate.

Usually, integrating an AI model on the cloud-based server is much more cost-effective as it is a simple process. On-premise costs increase as it will require some hardware like high-performing servers, specialized CPUs, and more. Moreover, it also depends on the features of your AI model. If your designed AI model incorporates high-end features and functionalities, its on-premise integration will surely increase as it will demand the need to build a high-end environment.

The AI model deployment costs fall from $5000 to $10,000, depending on the complexity of your business environment.

AI Maintenance Costs

Maintaining regular updates is essential for the AI model’s smooth performance. Besides, you must always check if it is functioning accurately and perfectly. However, the maintenance task of the AI model is not as simple as it looks. You need to hire an in-house team for its maintenance, which costs a bit more as you will suffer salary costs. Moreover, you will face updates yearly, which would again demand some investment from your side. 

Instead, outsourcing an AI team could help you affordably maintain your AI learning app. Though you will also need to invest some money in this process, it will be much more cost-effective than in-house hiring.

The maintenance costs of an AI-based learning app usually range from $15,000 to $30,000.

Why Should You Choose Technocrats Horizons as Your AI Learning App Development Partner?

Why Should You Choose Technocrats Horizons as Your AI Learning App Development Partner?

Technocrats Horizons is the name you should choose if you are considering developing a learning app with AI. You might wonder what makes Technocrats unique from the rest of the crowd. The answer is simple: Our 12+ years of expertise and agile development approach make us stand apart. We are known to develop and deliver creative and precise AI solutions on time with ultimate perfection.

We do not believe in delivering mere results. Instead, we follow a user-centric approach that allows us to understand our clients’ needs perfectly. Every education business is different, so our AI-based learning apps are highly customized based on our client’s needs and preferences.

AI development is all about preciseness, and so is Technocrats. We always deliver qualitative and effective AI-based learning app that help the education business achieve an effective ROI.

We are the AI development beacons who are constantly having their clients’ backs no matter what. By binding with Technocrats Horizons, you leverage the benefit of lifetime maintenance for your AI learning app. 

Experience is not all you need to develop AI-based learning app. Having the right AI development skills and high-end creativity also matters. Technocrats are a combination of high expertise, creativity, and abilities. So, you can imagine what wonders Technocrats’s AI development services can bring to your learning app.

Though our high-end AI learning app development does not mean hiring us is a costly way for you. Instead, we provide highly qualitative AI solutions in an affordable way that would fit every business size.

So, are you thinking of enhancing the growth of your learning management system with AI? Book a free consultation call today to learn how Technocrats Horizons can become your perfect helping AI development partner.

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