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Vivek Bhatia

November 16, 2022
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In the last decade, the eCommerce industry has witnessed rapid growth. This digital era has had a significant impact on all sectors, making it vital for all industries to enter eCommerce in order to boost their business globally. Having an eCommerce website or mobile app helps your business survive and get a competitive edge over your competitors. Research suggests that the eCommerce market is expected to grow by 56 % to US$ 8.1 trillion by 2026.

It is quite evident from the above analysis that the growth of the eCommerce industry is on the rise. However, the impact of outdated technology on eCommerce business is highly significant. Using old technology in running an online business will affect it negatively. In this article, we shall elaborate on what you’re missing out on if you’re not using the right technology.

Stagnant or Declining Growth

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Ignoring the latest technology to build solutions for eCommerce can hamper your business growth. If your company’s growth appears stagnant or declining, it clearly indicates that you are unaware of the issues impacting your eCommerce channel. The fact that you continue to use an outdated technology platform is the most probable reason behind this problem. 

Using old eCommerce technology for your e-business slows down the entire system, processes, and customer interaction prospects which hampers the positive growth that you desire for your e-business.

Redundancy and Inferiority to Advance Platforms

In this era of extreme competition, numerous eCommerce businesses are constantly transforming themselves to stay miles ahead. While there are some e-businesses still relying on their eCommerce solutions built with outdated technology, many advanced and tech-driven companies are focusing on standing out by utilizing advanced technologies to build high-end solutions that enable them to perform better, add more functionalities, and create much more forward and personalized space for their customers.


Major eCommerce Platforms

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Ultimately, these factors lead to redundancy, one of the prime reasons for losing customers due to aged technology. Furthermore, businesses relying on outdated technology are bound to face negative impacts due to lagging behind their competitors.

Low Return on Investments

The entire point of having a combination of eCommerce and technology used to build e-solutions is to succeed in your business with significant numbers. However, if you have reached a stage where your eCommerce platform’s maintenance expenses far outweigh your investments, you are clearly witnessing the negative impacts of outdated eCommerce technology. To overcome this, you should consider switching to advanced eCommerce technology to boost your online sales.

Outdated technologies rely heavily upon manual operations which results in increased bug removal costs, costly paperwork, high maintenance costs, and financial losses due to human error. Relying on old technology is not only unsustainable but also impacts your customers, employees, and stakeholders negatively.

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Declining Brand Value Due to Vulnerable Data Security

Declining brand value due to weak security

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Security assurance is one of the biggest challenges of using outdated technology. Customers trust your company when they place an order on your eCommerce website and count on you to safeguard their data. Above everything, your company owes those customers security from threats, and if you don’t deliver, your brand authority and credibility may suffer. 

Ultimately, customers will move to other eCommerce platforms that are far more sophisticated and advanced to provide a secure shopping experience. This problem often goes unnoticed by eCommerce businesses, but in reality, it is a crucial component for earning user trust.

Reduced Functionality due to Non-Integration of Third-party Apps

Regular eCommerce customers frequently have poor experiences because of the absence of third-party application integrations. Therefore, integrating several external sources seamlessly is a crucial component of any digital transition. 

Nonetheless, this issue still continues with users of outdated eCommerce technology. It creates numerous problems like no proper payment gateways, no added functionalities, and no proper return channel for the customers. 

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Limited Reach Due to No Mobile App Optimization

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Most of the time, eCommerce business owners do not even realize how outdated technology impacts online sales. If you want to compete, your eCommerce site must be mobile-optimized, because almost all business eCommerce solutions nowadays are suitable for mobile. However, if your site is slow, it might not come up, particularly for mobile device search queries. 

As a result, you risk losing a sizable number of clients. Businesses still adhering to old technology are ineffective in enhancing mobile app conversions. Since the majority of people rely on mobile phones for a variety of functions, businesses stand to lose a great deal of money if this market goes untapped because of outdated technology.

Summing Up

The rapid rise in the digital literacy rate has made it mandatory for you to adapt to the latest technology and embrace advanced digital solutions to grow your eCommerce business. Not upgrading your business will cost you in the long run and put your business out of the highly competitive eCommerce market. 

So, if your business is lacking behind on advanced technology, the expert team of Technocrats Horizons is here to help you with our fast, efficient, and secure technological eCommerce solutions. Our team possesses superior technical skills backed by expert problem-solving skills and we aim to deliver state-of-the-art projects with accuracy and trustworthiness. 

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