Developing A Dating App: All You Need to Know
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May 14, 2020   (25 min Read)
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This digital era has revolutionized everything around us – our needs, lifestyle, thinking, and almost everything that belongs to mankind. Today, our daily life is highly dependent on technical goods. But still, one thing that is unaffected by technology is Love!

Love is the thing that is natural and happens with the grace of God on two souls. However, love is unaffected by technology but in love life, there is a great role of technology. Technology benefits our love life in many ways, from finding a perfect partner to getting in touch with your soulmates who are living far from you, technology makes all these things possible. 

There are many social media apps available in the market that help you get to interact with each other. Apps like Tinder, Match, OurTime, Bumble, OkCupid, and SingleParentMeet are some of the top dating and meeting apps that help the individual to meet the perfect life partner.

Revolutionizing Love: Developing A Dating App

Every dating app comes up with different concepts and algorithms that seem really helpful for those who are interested to find their life partners on the internet. The main idea of these apps is to generate a pool of people who are looking for someone to share the rest of life with him/her. Such apps help an individual to find a partner with the same thinking, interests, and many more factors. And also, these apps are helpful to know more and more about each other so that two individuals can perfectly analyze each other and make wise decisions about their love life.

This is why today dating apps have become a hot topic in the market. There is a huge user base of dating apps, who are looking for new dating apps with more innovative features that help them find a partner in a more easy way. Many new dating apps have been introduced these days. This mobile app trend has thus far been that these apps are not for males and females. Today, we can see apps that are developed for – Guys, and lesbians only. Sounds great!

No doubt developing a dating will not be a bad idea for anyone – just you must come up with some ideas and features. 

Things To Consider Before Planning A Dating App

  • Capability to search for the nearby match

    Searching for a nearby match is one of the most demanded features of dating apps. For a better user experience, a “search filter” for making local searches should be there. Our expert dating app developers always suggest adding a nearby search feature associated with helpful features such as interests, gender preference, and the ability to set age limits.
    This feature helps a user to show his/her profile to the people who fit their requirements. Also, help a user to get rid of unwanted and disturbing messages.

  • Safe & Frictionless User Onboarding Process

    In dating apps, the biggest fear that a user has in the mind is – How can I meet an unknown person. This thing makes a user nervous as well as arouses a sense of fear. Also, there is an alarming rise in cyber crimes associated with dating sites & apps.
    This is why rendering a profile verification feature in your dating app is supremely crucial. This can be done by verifying social media and email accounts. So don’t forget to ask your expert dating app developer to add this to make your app more safer.

  • Icebreakers

    Initiating a conversation with someone is quite a tough job for some people. It takes guts to make the first move. Most people do not do it because they’re underconfident or don’t know what to say, how to begin the conversation. This is where the feature of ‘icebreakers’ comes in.
    Various apps like Match app have a feature of great conversation starters (called Topics). This feature is a savior for people who can’t think of something clever to get the conversation going.
    If you are planning on dating app development, this is one feature you must not forget. You can also make these icebreakers customized according to the profiles of the users.
    It is a great feature to have because in the end ‘what and how you say, matters!’

  • Calendar integration

    Associating a calendar with your dating app helps a user a lot; it cannot be excluded from the list of features of your app. The Calendar integration feature allows a user to easily manage all the dates. This feature helps a user to get details about the persons with whom he/she is chatting, who all users have right-swiped and are in the dating pipeline, and other details with this feature.
    The date is confirmed and the user plans to meet only after the chatting and other things have been considered with this feature.

  • Live video chatting

    Sometimes, people prefer to talk to the person online before they meet them up. Once the initial chat is done, you can allow them to set up video calling, which allows them the in-person-like feeling, and helps them understand whether or not they want to meet in person. Live video chatting also allows the person to decide whether they want to take it further or not.
    So make sure in-app chatting and in-app video are two features that you don’t miss out on.

  • Advanced Matching Recommendations

    In dating apps, finding and matching dates can be a troublesome task for users. This is why apps should be with a feature that gives a user suggestions about highly matching profiles based on interest and other factors and helps a user to make an easy match.
    This feature is based on an advanced matching algorithm that gives a user recommendation based on – age, interests, location, religion, and much more factors. You should also consider creating a feature filtering out people who are not a good fit. Having a profile field such as “bio”, allows users to express themselves in original ways, enhancing the value of our dating app.

  • Push Notifications

    Like other chat applications, dating apps should have a push notification feature to surface the latest updates in real-time. Users want to know right away what happens to their online dating profile, so you need a way to let them know when they get new chat messages, photos, or new matches.
    In addition to great user experience, push notifications are also a growth tactic since they bring users back into the app. Push notifications are the most powerful tool for increasing user retention. They are also a key differentiator from traditional online dating websites, where everything was done via email.


There are a ton of great key features that a mobile dating app can have. Use this article as inspiration and extract the features that you consider the most valuable. Make sure your final dating app stands out from the crowd. To achieve that, you need to be creative and original, while also maintaining the core features that represent the status quo in mobile dating apps (such as Tinder Cards, for instance).
For more information about our custom IT solutions and services, get in touch with our expert mobile app developers at Technocrats Horizons.

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